Short bio

I received an Engineering Degree in Computer Science from the Tunisia Polytechnic School in 2004, and a Ph.D. Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University Paris V in 2008.

Since 2005, I have been actively involved in the ISO/IEC MPEG standardization activities, especially focusing on 3D Graphics Compression. I significantly contributed to the standardization of the SC3DMC (Scalable Compression 3D mesh Compression) and FAMC (Frame-based Animated Mesh Compression) technologies for static and animated 3D mesh compression. I am the chairman of the MPEG AHG on MR3DMC (Multi-Resolution 3D Mesh Coding).

In June 2008, I joined Intel to work on Real Time Collaborative 3D Asset Management System.

During the last two years, I enjoyed working on Multi-Resolution 3D Mesh Compresion (MR3DMC) and 3D resconstruction as a research scientist at FittingBox.

Recently, I have joined AMD to work on video compression/processing.

Here is my full CV.