B-Spline Compression of 3D Meshes


This paper introduces a new approach for efficient progressive compression of dense and smooth 3D meshes. Based on a multiple-patch B-Spline representation, the proposed compression scheme includes three stages: mesh segmentation into patches, parameterization and B-Spline fitting. The geometry images of the B-Splines control points are compressed with optimized still image encodes, while the mesh connectivity is losslessly encoded by applying the Touma and Gotsman (TG) algorithm.

The experimental evaluation, carried out on a corpus of meshes from the Stanford and Cyberware repositories, dhows that the proposed compression scheme achieves significant gains (30% on average) when compared to the spectral compression approach and outperforms both MPEG-4 and TG codecs, particularly at low bitrates (i.e. less than 8 bits per vertex).



Patches stitching

Compression results